Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Good old days?

Copyright © Shawn Michael Fitzpatrick


  1. I can imagine this old saltbox home originally occupied by fishing family.I see the fences that crossing the fields,roaming sheep perhaps a cow or two.a potato garden hard toiled in. I see a old fishing stage on the shore,and a old woman walking slowly over the hummock carrying a small faddle of wood.Perhaps there's a balance between that life and the one we live today.

    1. A very nice vision that you've entertained and parsed so well my friend :-) Thanks for taking your valuable time to reflect your thoughts on it here Gordon. I greatly appreciate that. :-) Have a fabulous day buddy!

  2. Shawn, I love your photo of dilapidated ruin and the echoing voices of long ago. I have added your a link to your blog on my own "Scenes and Things". That's a great honor Shawn lol !