Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The "Rusty Blackbird" is rather a RARE find!!

The Rusty Blackbird is found in swamplands and is more generally at home in a beaver pond location, than in your clothes dryer outlet hose, or a farmers field!!

No, this bird is not to be associated with the so-called nuisance birds of the extended Blackbird family, such as the European Starling, which is quite at home in with your household dryer hose, or the Brown Cowbird, terrorizing farmers by consuming their seed crops. 

If you look hard enough, you can find him!

 There is a Rusty Blackbird in that thicket, and I saw it, and subsequently located and photographed it.  The distance that I saw this forest thicket from whence I stood was about 200 yards, maybe more.  But even from that distance I saw the flicker of it's telltale eye and knew immediately, that I had the Rusty Blackbird in my sights!  Was I excited?, You bet!!

Rusty Blackbird foraging in the swamp muck, from whence it feeds.

Rusty Blackbird perched atop an old deadwood that had drowned long, long ago.  It was amongst a whole bunch of other Black Spruce trees that died when a Beaver dammed a small creek in the swamp.  This is Natures way!! 

Look closely, you will see him here  foraging for invertebrates to munch on!

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Believe it or not, this bird is rather a rare find!  (The following in quotations, is excerpted from the hyperlink at the bottom of this blog).  "The rusty blackbird is considered a species for which Canada has a major responsibility in terms of conservation, as our boreal forest is home to approximately 70 percent of the global breeding population. They are on the Audubon Watch List, and listed as Vulnerable by the World Conservation Union."    I found a breeding pair  today.  If you think that the changes to environmental laws and regulations will not have an impact, THINK AGAIN!!!

Read the entire article here if you wish to be a little bit more informed on the world we share with so many!

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